Hard-wearing Carpets specialises in durable, stain-free and long lasting British woven quality carpets.

  Hi I am so pleased that you have found my website, me and my team are here to take the stress out of picking a trouble free flooring for you or your business.

Let me start by telling you a bit about myself  I am Ray first and foremost I am a carpet fitter and have been for the last eighteen years so I have seen it all when it comes to making the right and more importantly the wrong choice when choosing the right kind of carpet for your needs.

I believe that carpet is an investment and there is no better sight than a big smile on my customers faces when they know that they have made the right choice.

I started my carrier when I was a school boy working with a family freind at weekends, until I left school and went full time.We were working for over a dozen mega stores and just as many family run businesses, so for instance one day Icould be working in the Hilton Hotel on  park lane laying carpet in the pent house suit, and the next in the middle of a field laying a bathroom carpet in a caravan it veered that much but all experience.

After around three years on my knees we stumbled upon a small shop in Essex which was run by a great guy named Richard who was the head fitter for Harrods when it had a carpet section in the eighties so lets just say he was well connected but it was’nt that i admired the man was a perfectionist the one thing my boss lact so i asked Richard if he would take me under hes wing and try and teach me even half  of what he knew about the carpet inderstry and to my delight he excepted but on one condition i would have to go back to basics and start again but in the long run I would gain so thats what i did and he was not wrong because by year two working for this great man i found myself in the duke of westminsters office talking about the

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